Where I come from

Before posting about art, I think I should start with the beginning, presenting myself and a bit of my experience.

Like most children, I enjoyed drawing and crafting with everything I get my hands on. My father told that all I wanted as gift is colored pencils. As I grew up, I was the one who draw in my bunch of friends, it became my identity and never stop. But I didn’t wanted to do art as a profession later, I imagined I’ll get bored of it eventually. I finally took a graphic design class at college. I liked the logical way to work of it but illustration was the only matter I was good. (This is where I felt in love with Illustrator and vectors. It wasn’t easy at first but I loved how illustration was very crisp and sharp. And the gradient was perfect.) I thought maybe I just need to study design more to feel confident so I went at university and did a degree in design. Of course I took every single illustration classes I could.


(some examples of what I did during those years)

I always had a cartoonish style and one of my teachers told me if I want to succeed, I have to let down this style and try something else. I was a shock to me, especially because I had to start over and create something different. It is very hard to stop drawing in a way to draw in another way. Where do you start? What direction you choose? Did I chose well? Should I doing this instead of that? All these questions going on and on forever. I let it go vector illustration and I tried a couple of things but nothing feels right. Unfortunately, it was at the end of my degree so I quickly had to say goodbye to my teacher and had to figure it out by myself. I entered in a limbo for at least a year and a half, producing a piece once in a while.


(works made during limbo episode, it’s not bad, it’s just not me.)

Someday I start to shaking off myself by making a plush. Long ago I did a vector character that I love and I decided to make him live! It feels so good when you are starting to create again! I made more plushes based on the first one and thought that I could start selling these. This is how I open my Etsy shop in late 2009 with the help of a friend. At this point, I say to myself, fuck it I’m doing my characters even if it’s too cartoonish for the market or whatever! I liked my teacher and I appreciated what she tried to tell me but sometime you have to follow your heart.


From the moment I chose and accepted my work, I did more plushes and I started to draw again, mostly in vectors. With years, I explored a lot of themes, introduced a lot of new characters and I especially refined my lines and my work. But these years wasn’t really quiet. I got a lot of questions and doubts in my head. I even let down vector art for good and started to paint in acrylics (one of my worst enemy before). Like I said, I’m a person who questioning everything every time. Now I feel that I finally found my body of work after all these years. I resumed the last part very briefly, I don’t want to flood you because I could talk about this way too long. Anyway I’ll go deeper on some dark periods when it feels appropriate.

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