How I work with Yupo paper

It’s been almost a year since the last time I wrote a post. I’ve been overwhelmed by a day job giving me very few times to create. Let say blogging take much more time and effort than I first thought. I’ll do my best to be more consistent this time. 🙂

Last February I made the challenge of drawing a dessert a day created by @the.petite.planner and @bulletjournaljunkie on Instagram. It was the perfect challenge for me! I chose to use Yupo paper because I had much fun with it in October and the mabsdrawlloween challenge. Because I got many questions about it, I’ve took pictures of my process with Yupo paper. So it usually goes like this :

1- Very small doodle of an idea, I always draw a quick doodle when I got an idea and this one looks interesting enough to be developed.


2- I use translucent Yupo paper so I make the sketch already the good size. I draw some outlines to place the character and make proportions right. (This is why I work with a 4H pencil, I erase a lot and it leaves almost no trace)


3- Final sketch. Yupo paper doesn’t like to be erased. It alters the blackness of graphite so I make sure my sketch is good.


4- Tracing the drawing with a 0.3 pencil


5- When the tracing is done, I now work on a white sheet and complete the graphite part. I use a 0.5 pencil with a 2B graphite lead and draw a bigger outline and I put some shadows.


6- I put colored pencils on the verso. The colors are brights there but they will become soft on the recto side. Colored pencils work much better than markers on this paper. I often use a small piece of Yupo paper to test the colors.

7- To make colors pop out more, I block them with white acrylic. I usually put 2 or 3 layers.


8- In this one, I’ve drawn the cherry with a 4h pencil to guide me with color so I erased its outlines and tada! I usually take the picture of it on a white sheet and adjust colors in Photoshop. I don’t recommend varnishing the graphite part because it seems to ”stick” on the glass when framed so be just careful when manipulating it.